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Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls by Bettye Johnson


Bringing to Light Mary Magdalene's Life,

Her Love and Her Mission

Two Award Winning Books by
Author Bettye Johnson

IP Book Award Winner 2006 and 2008

2nd Edition

The name Mary Magdalene conjures up different images for people and for this great woman to have survived a history of suppression; it is now the time to reveal who and what she really was. Based on years of research, award-winning author Bettye Johnson has brought to life a Mary Magdalene never before revealed in books and documents taking the reader beyond the Gospel of Mary Magdalene into revelations of the spiritual side of Mary Magdalene.


Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls ~ Book I

When two women hiking in the French Pyrenees Mountains stumble into a hidden cave, they discover old jars holding scrolls that appear to be written in ancient Greek. Teaming up with an American businessman and a disillusioned French priest who has the ability to translate the ancient Greek language, the foursome begin a journey of translating these ancient scrolls. To their surprise they learn that the scrolls were written by Mary Magdalene as a journal of her life from her birth to her life in Franceónotably the Languedoc region. The women's discovery was observed and a shepherd boy notified the authorities. Not wanting the scrolls to be hidden away as other ancient documents have been, the foursome are thrown into a pursuit-laden journey by adversarial forces. The author using a fast-paced style of writing weaves an absorbing tale of passion, intrigue, abduction and romance while revealing the truth of the relationship of Mary Magdalene and Jesus along with the birth of their children. Johnson was awarded an Independent Publisher Book Award in 2006 for this novel.

Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy ~ Book II


Bettye Johnson has written a sequel that surpasses Book I, as the two couples are now shocked out of complacency when Ellen encounters a mysterious old-world type of man who disappears as fast as he appears, leaving her with a portmanteau filled with ancient documents that when translated will shock the world. The two couples now married and parents of small children are plunged into a new adventure of danger, mystery, antagonists, love and revelations while attempting to translate these new documents written by Sarah, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Again, Johnson has created a powerful novel filled with surprises that keeps the reader turning the pages with anticipation.

"The author knows how to write and tell a compelling and convincing story."    -Writers Digest

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